Slip On Slippers Non-slip Shower Sandals House Mule Soft Foams Sole Pool Shoes Bathroom Slide for Women

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Product Dimensions Referance * Women Size : us 5.5-6.5B(M)/ outsole Length 9.4″ x Width 3.5″* Women Size : us 7-8B(M)/ outsole Length 9.8″ x Width 3.6″* Men Size : us 7-8D(M)/outsloe Length 10.2″ x Width 3.7″* Men Size :us 8.5-9.5D(M)/outsole Length 10.6″ x Width 3.8″* Men Size :us 10-11D(M)/outsole Length 11″ x Width 3.9″ Theme:

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Product Dimensions Referance
* Women Size : us 5.5-6.5B(M)/ outsole Length 9.4″ x Width 3.5″
* Women Size : us 7-8B(M)/ outsole Length 9.8″ x Width 3.6″
* Men Size : us 7-8D(M)/outsloe Length 10.2″ x Width 3.7″
* Men Size :us 8.5-9.5D(M)/outsole Length 10.6″ x Width 3.8″
* Men Size :us 10-11D(M)/outsole Length 11″ x Width 3.9″

Theme: Spa/Gym Pool/Water/Bathroom Slippers

Main Material: EVA

Sole Material: Closed-Cell EVA foams

Function: Non-slip,Quick drainage, Quick drying

EVA resins, plastic having the characteristics of good flexibility, rubber-like elasticity at -50 ¡æ to have good flexibility, transparency and surface gloss, good chemical stability, and resistance to aging ozone strength, non-toxic
EVA resin shoe is the most important applications. Since EVA resin blend foam products have a soft, flexible, and resistant to chemical corrosion and other properties, it is widely used in high-end shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, sandals, soles and interior materials. In addition, this material is also used for noise barriers, gymnastics mats and sealing material fields

Looking for protection against the wiles of the gym pool?
Tired of wondering what is all over the dorm shower floor?
Worried about what you are contracting from the hotel you’re staying at?
Our Shower Sandals offer protection between you and the fungus that lies beneath.
Our Slip On Shower Sandals pack conveniently into each other for easy travel.
This just may be the most comfortable pair of poolside sandals you put on

Please Note:
All of our items are new from factory, it’s normal that some may have little smells, please don’t worry, it will disappear soon

Completely Relax Your Feet for All Day Comfort
Not too soft or too hard, comfort form and a durable subtle flat sole, enjoy all day comfort. Pick up one pair, you deserve it

Product Features

  • Select high-quality eva as the uppers and Closed-Cell EVA foams construction. Comfortable, breathable, sweat flexible, more stylish
  • 0.78 inch bottom. than the average soles, we more thick full of different material is not the same as a comfortable experience
  • With high density, high elastic Anti-skidding sole, No glue. light not only, more wear-resisting, is more environmentally friendly material
  • Shoe Width: Regular. Weight: 148g. 6 colors for men and women. Protect your wooden and carpet floor with this light-weighted and silent
  • Perfect For Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter, Indoor bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Spa, Gym, Swimming pool, Beach, Holiday, Leisure, etc


J. Lee says:

Surprising value I got these slippers because the ones I have are cloth, and just a little bit of sweat means they absorb all that smell. One thing that pleasantly surprised me about these slippers is that there is a springy part at the heel that’s damn comfortable. The material is soft, but nonabsorbent.I originally bought it just because I needed some cheap slippers, but I’m well satisfied with my purchase.

Allison says:

One shoe bigger than the other These shoes are soft and comfortable. Unfortunately one shoe is larger than the other although they have the same size listed on the bottom. I normally wear a size 7 and I ordered a size 7, & the smaller shoe fits well enough, but the larger shoe is too big. Not sure how the shoes will fit once my feet are wet. Honestly due to the inexpensive price & minimal purpose of these shoes it’s not worth the hassle to return them.

GregS says:

Comfortable, durable AND cheap! “What did you use this product for?” … Seriously, Amazon? Well, ok, at first I tried to carve a ham with them, if you must know.Ok, aside from that…These are great. Very comfortable, and now that I’ve been wearing mine almost daily for 3+ months, in South Florida, inside the house, on my patio, and sometimes wandering around outside a bit, they’ve held together great with virtually no sign of wear. These are on my feet pretty much every day. In the morning before I get dressed for work, for a few hours in the evening after I get home from work… basically whenever I’m sitting around at home.But as I mentioned, they’ve been outside in high heat and humidity plenty. And aside from being a little dirty on the soles (which are easy to clean), they look and feel the same as the first day I got them. Even the tread… as much as I’m walking around in these things, I expected at least one or two nearly-bald spots, but nope – nothing even close yet.I…

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