Skechers Kids Girls’ Skech-Air-Jumparound Running Shoe,Blue/Multi Knit, 3 M US Little Kid

September 19, 2018 - Comment

Graphic & Ombre Lace-up Product Features Air cooled memory foam insole

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Graphic & Ombre Lace-up

Product Features

  • Air cooled memory foam insole


lillygrace says:

Disappointed is not the word… My daughter is a HUGE sketchers fan. Has loved them since she was tiny. We thought these were pretty awesome. Her favorite colors plus soft and comfy. Within two weeks of purchase the material along the toes because to pull away and tear part revealing the white under layer and parts of her socks. Never have we had sketchers of such poor quality. This is the first pair she hasn’t outgrown. Needless to say it has ruined us. She clearly had to have a new pair of shoes which put me out double in the same month cause I mean dang shoes aren’t cheap. But this time we spent our money wisely and went with Nike. Don’t pay these in the aqua/blue with the pink fabric looking design.

Dylan Clark says:

very disappointing. I want to start by saying my daughter loved these shoes, she is 5 and I pulled up all the sketchers on amazon and let her go through and pick the pair she wanted. She was soooo excited when these shoes arrived at our door. However, they run very small. She only got to wear them 3 or 4 times before we had to give them away and they looked like they had been worn climbing up a mountain 200 miles. I mean honestly, they looked like they were 5 years old by the time she put them on for the 3rd time. I buy name brand expensive shoes because I expect them to last and be able to endure more then cheap shoes and up until now I’ve NEVER had ANYTHING but good things to say about sketchers, ive always been very satisfied with every pair of sketchers ive bought and ive got 4 kids and have probably bought atleast 30-50 different pairs and styles of sketchers, but these shoes were really a huge disapoimtent. I won’t be purchasing another pair of sketchers in this style.

fenjen says:

Cute but STINKY! My girl loves Skechers and I’m guessing they must feel comfortable. I’ve purchased several pairs because she enjoys the styling and they are cute. My issues are that the shoes begin to look “tired” after just a few wears and, worse, they STINK! I don’t mean a manufacturing stink. I’m taking about foot stank. This is not a problem with any other shoe or tennis shoe that my girl owns. I know other moms that have the same problem exclusively with Skechers. Not sure if it’s the gel insole or what, but it’s really a problem. I tolerate it because my daughter loves the shoes, but I’m more than ready for her to move on to other, higher-quality kicks.

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