How to Choose The Best Running Shoes

Running Shoes

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There are many choices when it comes to running shoes. Making the right choice in finding the best fitting shoe is not always an easy task. Making sure that the shoe fits properly is important and that you should feel comfortable when you are in your normal running stride. Unfortunately, when you are choosing the best running shoes, you normally only have a few minutes to go through each of the different models and try them out. That is why this article has been created! Now you can simply read through the following information and get a better idea of what you will need to do in order to choose the running shoe that is best for you.

Generally speaking, when you are trying on shoes and a shoe store, and you are simply standing around, there is a good chance that those shoes are going to feel comfortable to you. Once you get out on the trail or the track however, you will soon come to realize that the shape of your foot in your own particular running style have more to do with comfort then you had first thought.

Running shoe enthusiasts tend to make the same types of shopping mistakes over and over when it comes to buying footwear. However, by using the following advice, you can at least avoid some of the more obvious running shoe shopping mistakes and as always, your mileage may vary.

Avoid The Most Common Mistakes When Shopping For Running Shoes

The first idea to consider is that you should be shopping for form over fashion. Many runners are simply too concerned with fashion and want to look cool while they are out jogging. Inevitably, these type of people will come back to the shop time and time again in order to finally choose a running shoe that is more comfortable, long-lasting, and performance oriented.

Another thing that you might want to consider is the actual cost of the shoes. Let’s face it, running shoes can be quite expensive! One thing that you can do is simply ask for a discount. In many cases, stores will not be able to offer you a discount on the spot but they might have certain deals are discounts that are only available to people with memberships in certain clubs, or they might have some type of coupons that are available. Often times, running shoes stores will offer some type of a discount if you are to buy more than one pair of shoes.

One of the worst things that you can do is to buy a pair of running shoes that are too small. Women in particular tend to try to buy shoes that are too small. It is better to check your ego at the door and simply by the proper size. If you’re running shoes are too tight then you can end up with blisters and all kinds of other foot problems. You should try to have about a half an inch left over in the toe box between the end of your toes and the end of the shoe.

Running Shoe Sizes

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Speaking of sizing, there are some pitfalls that you need to avoid in this arena. For one thing, different brands of shoes run in different sizes. You can do some research online in order to find out how different brands run but it is really no substitute for actually trying on the shoes in the store.

Also, what time of day you try on the shoes counts as well. Since your feet start swelling in the morning and don’t stop until you put them up to rest at night, if you shop for your running shoes late in the day, you might end up buying a size that is too big.

If you have the option, going to a specialty store for your running shoes and actually talking to a knowledgeable salesperson would be your best option. It is extremely important that you end up with a pair of running shoes that can provide your feet with the support that they will need.

It is always best to have your feet measured every time that you go to buy a new pair of running shoes. Over time, your feet tend to change. Take your socks and shoes and also any inserts that you have been wearing with you when you go to the running shoe store and try the insert in any new pair of shoes that you are interested in so that you will be able to see the difference between the new shoes and the old shoes.

It is important to determine the type of running shoes that you need to buy. Match your own personal needs to the category of shoes and the features that it provides before trying on shoes and finding the best fit. Your running shoes can last as long as five months or 500 miles, depending on how frequent you run. For this reason it is a good idea to frequently check out your shoes to see if the outsoles are midsoles have been worn down or compressed. If you find that they are lacking then it is definitely time to go shopping for a new pair of running shoes.

Running Shoe Categories

Trail – If you are the adventurous type then perhaps you are the type of runner who likes to go through the mud and find the least traveled path through the wilderness. Trail running shoes have been designed with you in mind affirmation Mark these types of shoes are built for traction and stability and usually feature a more aggressive tread design.

Road – Are you a road racer? Do you participate in track meets? If you were running shoes are frequently meeting the pavement than you are in need of roadrunning shoes. These types of shoes are normally designed for stability and ultimate cushioning for the long haul and they are also somewhat flexible and as light as possible. This type of shoe is built for repetitive strides.

Cross Training – For runners who like to do a little bit of everything and who frequent the jam as often as they do the park, crosstraining running shoes are the preferred type of footwear. These types of shoes, as expected, feature a balance of stability, cushioning, endurance and flexibility.

Choosing the best running shoes can be a difficult task. For this reason, if you happen to be shopping for your running shoes online, it might be a good idea to make sure that the shoe store that you are working with offers free return shipping and a generous refund policy. It is important to have some patience. It can take a while for you to find that perfect pair of running shoes for once you do, it is likely that you will have found a shoe that you will go to time and time again.


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