Being laceless and often constructed from suede, men’s loafers often go under the category of a casual shoe. Men’s loafers are often made from suede but in some cases, they are also made from leather. The look of the shoes is often considered smart but casual and they can be worn in a more dressy situation if care is taken to make sure that the shoes have been well cared for and shined. The penny loafers are the penultimate preppy shoe for young men and especially those who have a political or business mind. The penny loafers work with almost any outfit that you choose. Another type of love for is the tassel loafer. Obviously, this type of shoe features a tassel and is a bit more dressy. Whichever men’s loafers you choose to buy online, make sure that the shoe fits and that great care is taken to ensure that your footwear receives the longevity that it deserves.