Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot, Beeswax

September 19, 2018 - Comment

Clarks Men’s “Bushacre” Chukka Boots Beeswax 11 W Product Features Suede leather upper Comfortable, cushioned footbed Durable rubber outsole Imported

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Clarks Men’s “Bushacre” Chukka Boots Beeswax 11 W

Product Features

  • Suede leather upper
  • Comfortable, cushioned footbed
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Imported


Jonathan L. says:

Looks good but can’t hold up. I wanted to like these boots. I really did. I have been looking for boots like these for awhile and I just couldn’t get super excited about what was offered. Then I saw these. I thought “Those are the ones! They have many different colors, the leather looks super good, the price is competitive, the reviews are stellar!!”My first pair were a half size too large. It seemed a lot of people had that. No problem, I used Amazon’s free returns to exchange for a half size smaller. As an aside, if you are worried about the return policy on items like this, don’t! Amazon is excellent at exchanges and returns. Anyway the boots themselves looked great, leather was same color as I ordered from amazon, seemed comfy for the half day I wore them albeit large and prone to slip off my heel.So I got my next size, and i was really digging the boots. “Yeah, i found the best pair for the money!” I thought to myself. I took them to work the next day, and around 11:00…

dodgerblue247 says:

look great, need better quality These shoes look amazing, they take a few wears to break in, and they are pretty comfortable to wear all day. Unfortunately my love for the shoe is overshadowed with the glaring reality that they weren’t built nearly as well as Clark’s that I have owned in the past. Whether the sho was defective, or just poorly manufactured can be debated among other reviewers, but I will present the simple facts. Day1: wore the shoes to work all day, comfortable to walk in, tight on the toes as the leather stretched. Day2: wore these for another full day at work, toes felt good at the end of the day. When I got home I turned sharply on my wood floors and felt the left sole detach from the boot (see photo). Upon examination of both shoe I could see that the right shoe sole was beginning to detach as well. Disappointing from such a (normally) quality, reliable shoe.

Nate Ryan Smith says:

The Iconic Boot That Goes With Everything The perfect boot that will go with just about anything. Chose these over the Desert Boot with the crepe sole, despite some reviews that talked down on the quality of the threading, laces and adherence to the sole (I think some guys maybe received factory defective versions).I couldn’t believe I found these for $47 here on Amazon, and outside of some initial skepticism – anytime you find a brand like Clarks run a boot at this price, you think it’s for a reason that maybe isn’t so great – I figured I’d give these a go. Thought if the soles did end up having issues, I could always run them to a cobbler to have them fixed. This style of chukka is legendary; iconic – you know it. Everyone from James Dean to Steve McQueen has rocked this style and made them what they are. The Bushacre 2 is beautiful boot that you can wear with jeans, chinos, a henley, tee, button up, denim jacket, heck – even a suit in the right setting. I’ve worn them a few times already and the beeswax leather…

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